Lighting is an art and a science. Therefore there cannot be rigid or light rules regulating the design process. The basic purpose for a good lighting design is to create a lighting installation which will provide visibility for the task and at the same time a satisfactory visual environment.

Lighting is good only when it is suitable in both quality and quantity for two purpose; for creating good environmental brightness which is at the same time agreeable and beneficial to the user, and for permitting a high degree of efficiency in seeing whatever is of special interest.

Basic purpose of lighting designing is to prepare uniform light distribution in particular areas. Luminance distribution within a field of vision is an extremely important criterion in lighting design.

The lighting level produced by a lighting installation is usually qualified by the illuminance produced on a specified plane. In most cases , this plane is a major plane of the task in the interior and is commonly called as working plane.

The five steps of lighting design as we follow :

  • Determine lighting requirement
  • Select Lamp, luminaires and lighting management
  • Calculate Number of luminaires required
  • Position Luminaires and lighting control
  • Analyse the result

Some Examples of lighting design as below :


By using above steps we provide detail lighting layout report to the customer, With reference to these lighting layout, Lighting installation will be done.

Light plays an essential role in our ability to perceive the world around us; the lighting system plays a critical role in how we perceive a space and can even influence how we act in that space. Lighting can affect performance, mood, morale, safety, security and decisions. The first step in producing the right lighting design is to ask what the space is used for. The lighting designer can then determine quantity of light, color quality, brightness and direction.

Light should serve not only as a production tool and aid to safety but also contribute to the overall environmental condition of the work space. The lighting system should be a part of a planned environment contributing to the comfort and well being of the user.